Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center

Student Parenting and Family Services’ (SPFS) mission is to help teenage parents remain in school and achieve academically and to support the emotional, cognitive, social and physical development of teenage parents and their children.

Seven values that underlie SPFS’s programs are:

  1. Relationship-based programming. SPFS’s staff take the time to develop trusting, nurturing and respectful relationships with children and youth.
  2. Continuity of care. The programs are designed to ensure continuity of care for both the children of teenage parents and the teenage parents. SPFS has extremely low staff turnover, which is unusual in the child care field.
  3. Cultural competence. All of SPFS’s staff are culturally competent. Staff receive annual training to enhance their cultural competencies.
  4. Comprehensive services. A young family’s every identified need is either addressed within SPFS or by connecting the young family to other community services.
  5. High expectations. SPFS expects that teen parents will finish high school, achieve academically and become self-supporting in the future. SPFS programs help teen parents develop hopeful and positive visions for their futures.
  6. High quality early childhood experience. SPFS’s early childhood program is not just a babysitting service.  It provides quality early childhood education and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
  7. School-based services. SPFS’s services are provided on-site in the school setting.