Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center
Outcome Studies

The most recent results of SPFS's program were excellent. Over the 12-month calendar year:

  • 49 of 50 teen parents continued in high school or graduated; only 2% dropped out. Nationwide, 62% of teen mothers drop out of high school.
  • 15 of 16 teen parents who were seniors graduated high school; 11 started college.  
  • 100% of the young children were fully up-to-date on immunizations, compared with 73% of young children nationwide.
  • While 25% of teen mothers nationwide have a second child within two years of giving birth to the first, none of the teen mothers had second children.

In past years, researchers from the Yale School of Nursing have conducted studies of Student Parenting and Family Services’ (SPFS) program.  Those studies and SPFS’ own internal program evaluations show the following outcomes:

  • Over a five year period, 99% of teenage parents using the Center continued in or graduated from high school; 
  • Teenage parents enrolled in the Center had parent-child interactions that were significantly better than those of teenage parents nationwide; 
  • Teenage parents experienced lower levels of parenting stress; and
  • Over a five year period, 99% of infants and toddlers in the Center were up-to-date with immunizations and well child visits.