Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center

Child Care Center
SPFS’s Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center is located inside Wilbur Cross High and provides child care and parent education to 32-40 teen parents attending school in New Haven and their 32 children. The NAEYC-accredited Center provides quality early childhood education to the teens’ children every school day and during times when teen parents attend tutoring, enrichment activities or vocational training.  Teen parents receive both daily classroom parenting education, and weekly “hands-on” parenting education.  A nurse consultant provides episodic care.  Five mini-buses provide daily transportation for the young families to and from the child care center.

Parent Education, Crisis Intervention and Support

SPFS provides teen parents with the integrated support services they need to graduate from high school and provide nurturing care for their children. An outreach worker and an LCSW work closely together to provide crisis intervention, case management, parent education, mediation, depression screening, individual and family counseling and monthly support groups. These services are available to all teenage parents whose children attend the Celotto Center. 


Academic Advising
SPFS’s Academic Advising Program provides academic guidance, encouragement and support to teenage parents to help teens improve their academic performance and graduate from high school. The  Education Advisor helps teens access academic interventions, including tutoring or a class change, and offers incentives, including the Attendance Club, for coming to school. The Program also helps teens prepare for their post-graduation lives by enrolling students in vocational training or enrichment activities; discussing employment and postsecondary education plans with students; and providing assistance completing college and financial aid applications and making college visits.